Path to Medicine



Welcome to! This website was created in order to give advice and to share the story about my path to becoming a physician. Please contact me and leave comments in the blog or forum! And don’t forget to subscribe and get access and notifications to all my posts once they happen! Right now (2016) the website is all about gaining admission into medical school, later it will include life of a med student, residency, and practicing as a physician. So join me on this adventure and help me build my website as I go!  Hope you enjoy!!!

Me (Sean Kiesel, Me over There ————>)

I want to share with you a little bit about my background and where I have gotten in the process of becoming a physician. The purpose of this is not to brag, but to help guide you and hopefully instill a little faith along the way. I did my undergraduate education in Southern Utah. I majored in Human Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry, I highly recommend this major for anyone not interested in the plant side of Biology or just plain doesn’t enjoy all the extra chem with a chem major….. anyway, throughout my education I worked full time as an EMT in a local emergency department. This was fantastic as it allowed me to gain real life experience in medicine. Fast forward through all the classes and right now I sit with one acceptance, one wait list, one cancelled interview, and no news from about ten other schools. (Dec. 2015).  I want to share the journey as it happens for me! So for now it is all about pre-med, later it will be med student and then attending! So feel free to join me and please leave comments about your experience.


The Website/Blog is all about sharing the information you need to know in order to become a physician. From the MCAT to letters of recommendation, I plan on sharing it all! I wanted to create this website so students have an additional reliable resource to help you get where you want to be. The truth is there is no cookie cutter way to get into medical school, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming! I am here to hopefully help you obtain your goal of becoming a doctor! Pre meds are often cut throat, I want to create a sense of comradery and help you achieve the success I have had with the application process. Please contact me and get the word out about this! And anyone that has gone through the process or is currently going through it, feel free to leave comments and help others or just share your experience.

The purpose of this website is to help you reach your goals of becoming a doctor! So please if you are a pre med student contact me by leaving a comment on a post, subscribing or even emailing me ( Help me do what I want to do… Which is helping you become a doctor!