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Best Colleges for Pre Med

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I will just come right out and say it……… I don’t think there is one single best college for pre med. The school you attend in your undergraduate education doesn’t matter as much as your individual dedication and ability to put yourself out there and do what you need to do in order to get into medical school.

If you are like me then you probably have wondered what the best colleges for pre med students are. The fact of the matter is that there are universities and colleges that have stream lined the process and help students greatly along the way. At the end of the day though….. you and your work ethic and ability to seek out what you need decides if you get in or not.

So we all know that there are colleges, universities, and community colleges. Throughout my undergraduate education I had the opportunity to attend a college as it got prbest colleges for pre medovisional university status. I ultimately graduated from a different University though, I don’t think the college or university status made a difference at all in my admission possibilities to med school.

Now with that being said…. one university to the other may not matter (unless you are trying to get into a top ten med school), but steer away from community colleges because if you obtain a 3.9 GPA there it may not carry as much weight as a university GPA of 3.5….

Now….. If one school  provides  all the resources necessary to pre med students (ie physicians to shadow, research, MCAT help) then go there if you need that help….. but at the end of the day if you can go out and find physicians, volunteer opportunities, self study for the MCAT (with online help), question professors about research opportunities, and do the pre med requirements then go with the cheaper school!!!

I graduated with my Bachelors degree without a single loan… how did this happen, well I worked full time, but I also went to two fairly cheap in-state schools! I first went to a local college, they have great professors and excellent learning opportunities, but they lacked in research and other resources. I know it is hard to tell by my writing style, but I used to be really reserved and “shy”. So I chose to go to another school about an hour away that gave all its students easy access to all the needed pre med requirements.

I will be the first to tell you that the advisors and resources at the university I went to helped me tremendously in my process of getting accepted to medical school. The big difference between the two schools is the name on my degree and the abundant research opportunities that presented themselves. The university helped me greatly… I was a person that needed that help and guidance and I am sure many other pre med students do as well. My big point is to find the cheapest and best fitting school for you! Don’t look at statistics about top ten pre med universities, look at the advisers, resources, and talk to students about the programs. This is why I created……… to help you decide and to give you another resource to aid in your pre med education!

(By the way I loved my undergraduate education, I went to two wonderful schools that had amazing faculty and staff!)

Research and letters of recommendations from professors were key parts in the process, find a school that is both cheap and has a lot of research opportunities. Research is a key part in the process, and it makes life so much easier when the professors ask you if you want to do research!

In the end there is no one single best college for pre med, it is all about how much work you are willing to put in and how much you need your hand held throughout the process. Find the school that works best for you, if you need help and guidance then by all means chose the school that does that, but if you don’t….. please chose the cheaper school…. and if the cheaper school is the one that guides you….then you found a gold mine my friend!

I now want to touch on the topic of how to chose the best college for you as a pre med…..

The first step is to seek out the pre med adviser, check to see how knowledgeable they are on the topic, ask about resources at the school (research, physician shadowing, volunteer, medical experience… etc.)

Next seek out information on the pre med community on campus. Are there a lot of pre med students, and get a feel for the general vibe as this will be important to have colleagues to lean on while going through the same process.

Going along with the research mentioned above…. does the university or college offer chances for publication and presentation? This is a wow factor for medical schools and it is key that you have the chance to do this. My university gave me the opportunity and encouraged me to present and publish my research.

Then last but not least is the history or pre med students at the institution. Ask about acceptance rate and where they have gone, these are important factors that any school would be more than happy to share with you if it is impressive enough.

Here is a list of the top 20 best colleges for pre med (based solely on MCAT and GPA)  that put together. Now remember that these kinds of lists are all over the place, but GPA and MCAT are dependent upon you…. not so much the institution you attend for undergrad. Also there are way more factors that go into acceptance than just MCAT and GPA… but nonetheless here is a list… because I know it is what you want to see…..


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