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MCAT Prep Books and Reviews

I would highly recommend each one of these sets of books for your MCAT prep. I personally used the Exam Krackers subject books, Exam Krackers 101 passages in verbal reasoning, and some Kaplan subject books.

I found the Amazon reviews very useful and accurate, but you can also read my reviews for more information. You can click on the picture to access the reviews, and to purchase or browse many other MCAT books.


The Examkrackers manuals are fantastic! I took the MCAT twice and bought these the second time and my score improved significantly! I feel like these books really cut out the fluff and only give you what you need! They seemed to have just enough detail for me to understand the concept being taught, and if it wasn’t enough detail the content got me on the right path to find more detailed information in my old text books.

If you purchase the Examkrackers MCAT prep material I would highly recommend doing all the practice questions at the end of each section, these were very helpful and they ensure that you are keeping up to speed with the chapters.

The one downside that I noticed was that there is a lot of typos in the books… this didn’t bother me, but I know it can be an annoyance to some people. I was able to easily and quickly figure out what was actually being said… so it didn’t hinder my studying at all.

All in all, this is a great set of MCAT prep books and I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone who wants to take the MCAT serious.

This book was hands down the most important piece to my verbal reasoning success!! I scored in the 85th percentile on my VR section, and I personally believe it was this book that did it for me! The focus of this book is on the old MCAT (pre 2015), but I believe the content to still be useful, this is because it is still testing the same concepts…. read a passage and dissect it for “between the line” ideas.

This is an amazing prep book and I would highly recommend it!!