How It Got Started

The Roots

I originally wanted to start this blog in order to show that you do not have to be perfect to be a physician. Physicians are still people who make mistakes, learn, and grow. I am sharing my journey in becoming a physician in a raw and unfiltered way. I plan on sharing all the successes, obstacles, failures, uncertainties, and everything in between. This is meant to be realistic, not sugar-coated. I am no expert and am far from the "traditional" student, but with some resiliency it can be done. If you decide to follow along my journey, keep in mind I am no writer. You will encounter numerous grammatical errors and more. I type what I feel and very rarely go back to recheck unless something is so incredibly wrong. One thing you will notice on this site is that all the images displayed are drawings and will have "faceless" characters. I draw each of the images on this site (aside from the one on my homepage that my friend Katelin did) and there is a reason behind the no faces. If you decide to read, I want you to be able to put yourself in my shoes. So no names, I won't disclose right away which osteopathic school I attend, and if I choose to share others' stories then their names may be altered. 

"Comparison is the stealer of joy" <-- this is why there will be no major identifiers, or at least I will try to keep it that way. I don't want anyone comparing their journey to mine or to others; I want people to be able to see from a different perspective.